Standard Wallpaper Installation Instructions

Standard Wallpaper Installation Instructions 

Initial site check

1.      Ideal drywall finish is a level 5. If a level 3 finish is identified at site, light sanding is recommended to prepare surface. Most new commercial spaces average a level 3 finish. 

Wall Preparation

2.      Recommended primer is Shieldz Wallcovering Primer or Sherwin Williams R-35 with 100% coverage. Other comparable primers are also available and can be used if the above recommended are unavailable. 3.      Place drop clothes on floor or carpet to protect floor surface.4.      Use paint tray and apply primer with 100% coverage on wall surface. Let dry for recommended time, about 30 minutes. 


5.      It is the installers responsibility to lay out the mural in a large enough space and do a “dry hang”, an overlap of all sections to verify the image will continue and the overall size is enough for the wall space and to ensure no visual damages to the mural. Layout and correctly seam entire mural and measure mural using measuring tape. Measure wall to confirm coverage. 

Note: We also add a 2” bleed overall to the mural because wall dimensions can vary or be inaccurate when recorded. This can be trimmed off to exact sizing once on the wall.  Do not pre-cut the seams prior to hanging.


6.      While the wall is drying from the Wall Primer you will need to apply an even coat of adhesive, recommended product is Roman PRO-880. Apply with roller to each section of the wallcovering. Apply paste to all sections and have the sections with the image or text facing outward so that the paste is touching each side.7.      Doing this will give you inaccurate seam sizing and the overlap will be difficult to correct once on the wall and isn’t an endorsed practice.8.      Place first section on the way and align with the ceiling and baseboard.9.      Use felt edge wrapped or rubber squeegee to mount section flush to wall and remove air bubbles and wrinkles.10.   Place next section on wall and repeat step 6.11.   Using your hand move section over where images overlaps to so that the image or text line up 100%.12.   Repeat until all section are applied to wall and are lined up.13.   Installer will need to do a “double cut” to create the seam for each panel. There is approximately 1” of overlap on the sides to allow for the seaming.14.   Use utility knife and start at the top of the first section you applied and cut down the entire length of the section to the baseboard where the image overlaps and created 1 continual image.15.   Repeat on all sections and manually re-align by hand if necessary if any slippage has occurred during cutting.


16.   Before the adhesive dries, remove any excess paste with clean water and multi-purpose sponge and 5-gallon bucket that is filled with clean water.

17.   Use a handheld vacuum or damp Microfiber Towel if drywall dust or paste is present on the baseboard or floor

Note: Always check wall surface to ensure that there is no existing wall damage. Installation must be done with provided hardware to ensure a safe installation and to retain warranty.

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