Security Hardware (Wood) Installation Instructions

Security Hardware (Wood) Installation Instructions

Wall Preparation: Assumes drywall conditions  Required Installers: 1                   Required Tools: Listed below 

To Install Artwork: Mounting Brackets on Wall

1.      Determine placement location and center of the wall with measuring tape. Mark center of wall or location with pencil as a placement guide. In general, most units are centered between existing wall elements or at center on wall. 2.      The suggested height to the center of the unit is 62”- 64” above finished floor (AFF).3.      Using the pencil mark as you guide for center use the measuring tape and measure from the floor up to 62”- 64” or desired height and make a mark using pencil. Place unit on wall surface at the center of this mark.4.      Use pencil to mark the top of frame with a very light pencil line and set framed art aside.5.      Carry over and align this mark with your center mark using the level and extending the center line up if necessary so they meet to make a “T”.6.      Measure down 1” from where both lines meet to make a “T”. This is the distance from the top of the mounting bracket to the hole and this is your new point for outward measurements.7.      Measure the distance from center of the mounting plates to each other on the back of the frame. Take this measurement and split this distance in half and measure out from your new center mark on the wall.

Pro Tip#1: Using a 24” or 48” level can be used to run this distance though your center line and measure both strike points needed for you holes and will ensure that unit is level.

8.      Drill 3/16” holes in your wall surface with drill then insert drywall anchors into drilled holes and tap flush with hammer

Pro Tip#2: If no drill bits are available, then a screwdriver can be used to punch out the hole and minimize drywall dust and clean up.

9.      Insert mounting plate with screwdriver or drill with the flanged end curved out towards you which will create about a ½” space between the wall and plate, per the picture below.10.   Place on wall and engage the mounting bracket into the mounting plate on 1side.11.   Once locked into place engage other side until it drops in the mounting bracket.

Pro Tip#3: You’ll know when both sides are correctly attached when you are able to adjust the picture left /right.

12.   Check with level. If not quite level, small adjustments can be made by removing the picture from the wall, loosening the wall bracket screws slightly, shifting the brackets up or down as needed, retighteningthe screws and replacing the picture on the brackets.

To Install Artwork: Attach the T-screw onto the Wall

13.   To determine the placement of your T-screw, gently press the bottom edge of the frame against the wall in the middle of the frame. The metal plate behind your frame should have "dimples" on the center of the plate which will leave an impression on the wall.14.   Remove picture from wall.15.   Drill a ½” hole between the impression marks made on the wall at the and then gently hammer the T-Head plastic anchor provided into the drilled hole until it is flush with the wall surface.16.   Start the T-Head screw first by hand and complete using Security Wrench. Align the head to a final horizontal position, per the picture below.17.   Mount picture back on wall, see step 10.18.   Engage and align bottom mounting plate with T-Head screw so it sets into the mounting plate.19.   From the right hand side, slide the Security Wrench underneath the bottom edge of the picture and  engage the slot in the wrench with the top of the T-Head screw and rotate the T-Head screw clockwise one-quarter turn to a vertical position. 

Note: Always check wall surface to ensure that there is no existing wall damage. Installation must be done with provided hardware to ensure a safe installation and to retain warranty.

Clean-up and Care:

- Use a dry Microfiber Towel to remove fingerprints on frame.- Use a Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol (if available) and a microfiber cloth to remove any scuffs and/or marks made to the wall during installation. - Use a handheld vacuum or damp Microfiber Towel if drywall dust is present on the baseboard or floor.

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