Hook and Wire Installation Instructions

Hook and Wire Installation Instructions

Wall Preparation: Assumes drywall conditions  Required Installers: 1                   Required Tools: Listed below

To Install Artwork: 

1.      Determine placement location and center of the wall with measuring tape. Mark center of wall or location with pencil as a placement guide. In general, most units are centered between existing wall elements or at center on wall.2.      The suggested height to the center of the unit is 62”- 64” above finished floor (AFF).3.      Using the pencil mark as you guide for center use the measuring tape and measure from the floor up to 62”- 64” or desired height and make a mark using pencil. Place unit on wall surface at the center of this mark.4.      Use pencil to mark the top of frame with a very light pencil line and set framed art aside.5.      Hook the end of a tape measure under the hanging wire and pull upward, simulating the force on the wire that will be caused by hanging the picture.6.      Measure the distance from the point to the top of the frame, see picture below.7.      Measure that same distance down the vertical line from the top-of-frame line.8.      Make a mark at the place where the wire will come to its highest point when the picture is hanging.9.      Next measure 6-8 inches on each side and make 2 more marks. 10.   Drive the hangers into the wall with a hammer, making sure that the point on which the wire will rest is located at the X.11.   Hang the picture and use level to adjust it, moving the picture from side to side to get it level.

Note: Always check wall surface to ensure that there is no existing wall damage. Installation must be done with provided hardware to ensure a safe installation and to retain warranty. 

Clean-up and Care:

- Use a dry Microfiber Towel to remove fingerprints on frame.- Use a Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol (if available) and a microfiber cloth to remove any scuffs and/or marks made to the wall during installation. - Use a handheld vacuum or damp Microfiber Towel if drywall dust is present on the baseboard or floor.

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