Turn Around Times

Proposal Turn Around Times

If you need a proposal with quotes and/or art by a specific date, we can usually accommodate such requests. 

Please email Steve Whitney, Project Manager with the following information:

  1. Target Date
  2. Number of pieces
  3. Sizes of pieces
  4. Desired substrates/materials
  5. Framing options (if any)
  6. Type of requested art (which can include specific artists, genres, etc.)

Order to Install Turn Around Times

Typically, we can go from order to install within a 2 to 3 week window. This is however dependent on order size, installation complexity, and other factors. 

If you have specific turn around time requirements or hard deadlines and want to inquire about scheduling, please contact Rob Dean, Logistics Director for more information. 

Note: Please provide your project or order number, if available.

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