Artwork needs to be budgeted into a project from the beginning. While there are no absolute formulas, we can offer some estimates based on design best practices.

Why is it difficult to provide exact costs up front?

There are a number of variables that determine the final price of any particular piece. Until we've gone through the art selection process and made final decisions on imagery, substrate type, and so on, it is impossible to know for certain what final costs will look like. Things that affect the cost of a piece include:

  • Imagery (some images are more expensive than others)
  • Substrate type (acrylic is typically more expensive than PVC for example)
  • Size
  • Frame type (if a frame is used)

How to estimate the number of art pieces based on wall size:

Typically, think 1 piece of art for every 15 feet.

However design options can also come into play at this point.

Example: You have a 30 foot wall. You could place:

  • 2 pieces of art (which would typically measure 30" x 40")
  • 3 pieces of art (which would typically measure 36" x 24"
  • 2 square pieces (typically 40" x 40")
  • Or 3 smaller squares (typically 30" x 30")

Pricing Matrix:

After roughing out the number of pieces you think you might need, and having an idea as to the size and shape of the pieces, you can then ballpark prices based on size and type of imagery and substrate selections.

In regards to imagery selection, as mentioned above different images from different artists can and will vary in price. However note that prices in this case do NOT communicate the quality of an image. Simply that independent artists typically charge more for their imagery than stock art publishers.

Note: This pricing matrix is meant for estimating purposes ONLY.Average Budget Estimates Based On Space/Environment

For those looking for an even more concise approach to developing estimates, these are per piece average price ranges which take each variable (imagery, substrate, size, etc) into account. These average price ranges have been compiled from past projects.

Note: These average price ranges are meant for estimating purposes ONLY.

For Hospitals:

  • Patient Rooms: $285.00 - $385.00/piece
  • Corridors: $400.00 - $550.00/piece
  • Waiting Rooms: $450.00 - $775.00/piece
  • Lobby: $750.00 - $3,000.00/piece

For Corporate Offices:

  • Interior Offices: $320.00 - $450.00/piece
  • Corridors: $400.00 - $550.00/piece
  • Conference Rooms: $450.00 - $750.00/piece
  • Reception Area/Entrance Lobby: $550.00 - $1,000.00/piece

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